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What Domiciliary Care Can Do For You

Bringing You the Support You Need

Remaining at home holds significant importance for many individuals. Organising care at home can help you avoid the need to relocate to a residential care home, which can prove both costly and distressing. Domiciliary care involves professional carers making regular visits to your home. But what exactly do domiciliary care workers do? At Abing Homecare, we strive to deliver exceptional care with the utmost respect, understanding that domiciliary care plays a crucial role in allowing you to maintain your lifestyle without disruption.

Following your Needs Assessment, we will pair you with a professional carer who can offer assistance with daily tasks within the comfort of your own home. Your domiciliary care worker will be available to visit you as frequently as required.

What Can Your Domiciliary Carer Assist You With?

At Abing Homecare, we can devise a tailored care plan based on your specific requirements. Let’s explore some of the tasks your domiciliary care worker can undertake in your home.

Personal Care

Managing personal care can become challenging at times. It’s essential for you to enjoy life to the fullest, and sometimes, a little support can make a significant difference. Tending to your own well-being on a daily basis might feel daunting. A home care worker can aid you with tasks such as dressing, bathing, and continence care. Your home care plan can be customised to ensure you receive the appropriate support.

Administering Medication

Adhering to medication schedules is crucial for optimal functioning and health, whether it’s for you or your loved one. Having a friendly face available to assist with this task can offer reassurance. Many individuals take multiple medications at various times throughout the day. A domiciliary care worker can schedule their visits around your medication regimen, ensuring you never miss a dose.

Meal Preparation

Meal preparation can sometimes feel like a chore, yet consuming well-balanced, home-cooked meals is essential for maintaining normality and overall wellbeing. Eating healthily is vital for physical and mental health. If you encounter difficulties preparing and enjoying your favourite meals independently, domiciliary care could be beneficial.

Assistance with Household Tasks

Everyone deserves a safe and tidy living environment. We understand that managing household chores can become challenging when dealing with health issues or mobility concerns. Domiciliary care workers can assist you in completing these tasks, helping to maintain the functionality of your home.


No one wants to feel lonely. At Butterfly Days Home Care, we collaborate closely with you and your family to match you with a carer with whom you’ll establish a rapport. Domiciliary care workers can support you beyond your practical care needs, addressing your emotional well-being as well.

In the choice between national franchises and independent care providers, Butterfly Days emerges as a beacon of superior service, personalisation, and community connection. From live-in care in Lowestoft and Gorleston to finding personal care at home, our commitment to individual well-being sets us apart. Choose independence; choose Butterfly Days for a home-care experience that prioritises you.

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